Advancing into the Future: New Technological Acquisition – Jumbo Sandvik DS311D

It is with great satisfaction that we announce a significant addition to our technology. As a company committed to continuous improvement and innovation, we have acquired the Jumbo Sandvik DS311D, a state-of-the-art bolting machine that will elevate our operational efficiency to new heights.

Highlighted Features of Jumbo Sandvik DS311D:

  • Deutz 100 KW Stage V Engine: With outstanding performance and energy efficiency.
  • Operator Cabin with Air Conditioning: Ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment.
  • 3 Cameras for Assistance in Movement: Enhancing visibility and safety.
  • Presence Detector: Reducing the risk of accidents by detecting the presence of other machinery or individuals.
  • ANSUL Automatic Fire Suppression System: Ensuring safety in critical situations.

Benefits for Customers: This addition to our fleet provides us with the most modern and advanced machinery on the market. It will not only maintain but also improve the efficiency of our operations at the Cabanasses mine, ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Commitment to Quality: The Jumbo Sandvik DS311D reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and safe work for our employees. This investment demonstrates our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

We are excited to put this new machine into action and are confident that this acquisition will lead to notable successes and advancements. We continue to work with passion and dedication towards the future.