The SA School and Preschool Education Staff Enterprise Agreement is an important document in South Australia that governs the working conditions, wages, and benefits of educators in the school and preschool education sector. The agreement is negotiated between the state government and the relevant employee unions.

The most recent agreement, negotiated in 2018, covers a range of important conditions for educators, including salary increases, workload management, and professional development opportunities. It also includes provisions for leave entitlements, including parental leave, sick leave, and long service leave.

One of the key features of the agreement is the recognition of the importance of ongoing professional development for educators. The agreement includes provisions for regular training opportunities, as well as support for professional development activities outside of work hours.

The agreement also addresses workload management, which is a significant concern for many educators. The document stipulates that educators must have a reasonable workload that allows them to perform their duties effectively without excessive stress or burnout.

In addition to the above, the agreement also includes provisions for workplace health and safety, employee entitlements, and career progression opportunities.

For educators in South Australia, the SA School and Preschool Education Staff Enterprise Agreement is a critical document that provides important protections and benefits. By ensuring fair working conditions and adequate support for ongoing professional development, the agreement helps to attract and retain talented educators who are committed to providing quality education to students in the state.

Overall, the agreement is an important tool for promoting the professionalism and effectiveness of South Australia`s school and preschool education sector, and it is crucial that all parties continue to work together to ensure that its provisions are upheld and improved over time.